Aktuálně volná místa EDS

Máš zájem vyrazit na Evropskou dobrovolnou službu? Prohlédni si níže seznam aktuálně volných projektů, na které je možné vyrazit přes INEX-SDA. Přečti si jejich detailní popis, a pokud Tě projekt zaujme, kontaktuj vysílající organizaci na adrese uvedené na konci popisu. INEX-SDA Ti pomůže a poradí, jak projít celým procesem.

Uvádíme zde pouze projekty, o jejichž propagaci jsme byli požádání našemi partnerskými organizacemi. Samozřejmě se ale nás můžeš obrátit i když Tě zaujme projekt, který není představený níže.

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Schválené projekty

Tyto projekty prošly schvalovacím procesem a získaly finanční podporu od Evropské unie. INEX-SDA je zde vysílající organizací a má zaručeno alespoň jedno místo pro dobrovolníky z České republiky.


Kanneljarvi Folk High School

Our partner is looking for 1 EVS volunteer from the Czech Republic.
Name of the organization: Allianssi Youth Exchanges

Start: Early August 2017
Duration: 11 months (August 2017 – June 2018)

Kanneljärvi Folk High School is a vocational institute with a wide range of educational services to provide. The range of study programmes in Kanneljärvi Folk High School consists of the upper secondary vocational degree in Youth and Leisure Instruction, further qualification degree in Special Needs Instruction for Children, additional basic education and adult education studies i.e. Art studies. In addition to the above mentioned Kanneljärvi Folk High School also provides studies in Finnish language and culture for immigrant students. Kanneljärvi Institute also has a student dormitory and the extra-curricular activities provided for the students form a basis for an expanded pedagogical view. Kanneljärvi Folk High School is situated 60 kilometers from Helsinki.

Our personnel consist of 30 people and of those 30 approximately 3-4 individuals will be working with the EVS volunteer. These individuals work or otherwise influence in the field of youth and leisure instructing and therefore are well equipped to be involved in voluntary work. The instructor working in the dormitory will also be participating in the voluntary work. All together we have 350 students, of those students 100 lives at the dormitory during the weeks. In Our dormitory is not allowed to use any intoxicant so we insist that our volunteer respect these rules.

We hope that our volunteer could organize activities and instruct students who are dormitory residents. The activities can be for example: sport activities, culture activities, volunteer own culture club, household activities, etc. If volunteer have will to do gardening activities we can also arrange that kind of work. Volunteer can also do kitchen and tidying/maintenance activities. Volunteer can also participate trips and camps what we are doing with our students. Volunteer can participate at Finnish language and culture education. The position is suitable for any young person aged 18-30, also youngsters who have economic challenges or immigrant background. Our work language will mainly be English. We are open to discuss with the volunteer what kind of work she/he would like to /can do. After that we make a concrete plan of voluntary service.

Volunteer will stay at the student dormitory. The rooms are double rooms shared by 2 persons (there are two EVS in volunteers in the project – one from the Czech Republic and one from Italy). We have food services for our school and we can pay attention for different diets. We hope that our volunteer can do activities with young people and we also hope that she/he is sociable and positive person. Our school is also multicultural so the volunteer must have tolerance and ability to work with different cultures. Our school is not unobstructed so unfortunately we cannot provide place volunteer who is in a wheelchair. Driving license is not obligatory. For those who we choose to be possible volunteers we would like to have short interview with skype so please give us your skype address.

More information you can find here.

The Application Form please download here.

When to apply: Immediatelly!

How to apply:
Please fill the Application Form and send it together with your CV and cover/motivation letter (for example presenting yourself, your motivation for the project and relevant skills) to David Semera on email address: evs@inexsda.cz.


European Youth in Alzira II

Our partner is looking for 7 EVS volunteers.
Coordinating organization: IDEA – Ajuntament d’Alzira
Hosting organizations: secondary schools

Start: 1st July 2017
Duration: 12 months (1. 10. 2017 – 30. 6. 2018)

Organized in a town of Alzira, the EVS project allows volunteers to be active in 7 different schools/organizations while being an active citizen and supporting mutual understanding among young people. Development, solidarity, tolerance and trust building reinforce social cohesion within European Union. The project is a continuation of a successful project ”European Youth in Alzira” 2016-1-ES02-KA105-007707 with duration between October 2016 until June 2017. During this period volunteers from Poland, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Greece volunteered in local schools and lived in a shared flat. This time the volunteers will come from Czech Republic,
Denmark, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Turkey.
Our project´s aim is development of youth projects, as well as communication and information for young people. The volunteers will do multiple and universal tasks in a hosting organization and help with everyday tasks in the centers. They should also help with organizing activities, support information spread for young people via social medias, websites and other medias.

Volunteer’s Tasks:
To help the English teacher with conversation classes.
To make a video about the school.
Organization of the library.
To help the teachers of young pupils.
Various tasks related to organization and managing of the school.

More information you can find here and here.

When to apply: 31st August 2017!

How to apply:
Please send your CV and cover/motivation letter (for example presenting yourself, your motivation for the project and relevant skills) to David Semera on email address: evs@inexsda.cz.

Otevřené výzvy

U těchto projektů teprve bude podána žádost o zařazení do programu Evropské dobrovolné služby. Následně budou procházet několikaměsíčním schvalovacím procesem. Na tyto projekty se mohou hlásit i zájemci z dalších zemí.


The(y) Volunteers

Our partner is looking for 6 EVS volunteers (3 volunteers for each of 2 stages).
Name of the organization: YDCMA organization

Stage 1
Start: 7th April 2017
Duration: 11 months (7. 4. 2017 – 7. 3. 2018)

Stage 2
Start: 7th February 2018
Duration: 11 months (7. 2. 2018 – 7. 1. 2019)

“Youth development center-Mutual aid” (YDCMA organization) was founded in 2004. The main idea of organization is to support the development of young people by helping them to develop their physical, creative and spiritual qualities to be good citizens of Republic of Bulgaria. The project will take place in Kazanlak, Bulgaria- known as the Rose valley. Still, it will include travelling to and activities in other cities- Sofia, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, and others.
The volunteers will take part in various activities together with the person responsible for them : doing research and surveys related to important for youngsters issues, dissemination of brochures and advertisements. They will have the opportunity to carry out their own mini projects related to communication, personal development, active citizenship. The volunteers will take part in events of other EVS acreditted organizations. They will produce documentaries and will write articles about these events. The volunteers will also help the hosting organization and its partners to do their daily activities.

More information you can find here.

When to apply: Immediately

How to apply:
Please send your CV and cover/motivation letter (for example presenting yourself, your motivation for the project and relevant skills) to David Semera on email address: evs@inexsda.cz.


EVS COCAT February 2018

Our partner is looking for 2 EVS volunteers.
Name of the organization: COCAT

Start: February 2018
Duration: 10 months (February 2018 – December 2018)

COCAT is a platform organisation of international workcamps organisations in Catalunya. It gathers Catalan organisations that implement activities in the social-educational field. Our main goal is to promote international volunteering, understood as a tool for personal and community development and social transformation.
We promote international volunteering mainly in 2 ways:
- Sending Catalan volunteers to the world to do workcamps, mid and long term projects (also EVS), trainings, youth exchanges, etc…
- Hosting international volunteers in the workcamp projects that our member organisations organize.
We are really concerned about inequalities and environmental issues, that’s why:
- We support youngsters with fewer opportunities so that they can also participate in this kind of experiences
- We promote sustainable practices both in the projects in Catalunya and in the travels our volunteers do to their projects.

The role of the volunteers who will participate in our EVS project will be to support the incoming and outgoing volunteering areas and to be in charge of communication. It means one of the volunteers will be supporting the work that is done to host volunteers (incoming) and the other one will be supporting the work that is done to send volunteers (outgoing). Both will be promoting international voluntary service producing informative material, participating in informative sessions, updating the web and the social networks and publishing articles and posts in our website.

More information you can find here

On-line questionnaire fill here

When to apply: 31th July 2017!

How to apply:
Please fill in the questionnaire (link above) and send your CV and cover/motivation letter (for example presenting yourself, your motivation for the project and relevant skills) to David Semera on email address: evs@inexsda.cz.