URGENT CALL extended - EVS in Macedonia!!!

INEX-SDA and ceACTive are looking for long-term EVS volunteer.

The volunteer will work in creACTive’s office in Kavadarci!

This placement is available since a selected volunteer withdrew at the last minute and we are keen to find a replacement volunteer urgently who can start during September 2016!


Hosting organization
creACTive is a youth association for support of creativity and active citizenship of young people. Its main aim is to assist the personal development of young people through engaging them in non-formal education activities.
creACTive implements various youth projects, on both local and international level. While the local activities range from workshops, concerts, volunteer actions, seminars and sport competitions to various performances and other events, creACTive’s international work includes youth exchanges and training courses organized in Macedonia and in other countries, mainly in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme before and ERASMUS + now, of the European Commission

About the project
This EVS project is part of creACTive’s local project aimed at providing non-formal education and leisure time activities to the young people from Kavadarci. The EVS volunteer will be involved in the work of the youth club of creACTive, and will work together with the local youth workers and young volunteers on creating and implementing activities for club’s members. In addition, the project is also aimed at providing non-formal learning opportunities for the young people studying in the villages, in a rural area. This project will support the volunteer’s personal and professional development, and will be able to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of youth work and non-formal education, and also, will raise his own opportunities for self-employment in future through the organic farm of the receiving organization, because the part of the activities will be connected with the farm, where the volunteer will learn through theory and practice about organic farming, and also, about creating and development of business plan and further planning how to continue and deliver this experience.

Main Activities
This project is focused on providing non-formal education opportunities to children and young people from Kavadarci. The specific topics of the activities depend on the personal preferences, knowledge and experience of the volunteers. As a Receiving Organization, creACTive will show a considerable amount of flexibility and together with every single volunteer will define volunteer’s exact tasks and daily/weekly working timetable.
The organization is also open for volunteer’s own ideas and initiatives.
Most of the time, the volunteers will work in the youth club located in the city centre. The club is open from Monday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 21:00 (Saturday 16:00 – 21:00). Around 200 teenagers and young people are members of the club and come to spend their free time where are proposed every day different types of activities for free in the fields of arts, culture, language courses, use of computers, sports, theatre, media, inter-cultural nights, games etc.

Some project’s activities will be developed in cooperation with the primary and high schools from the city. And also, the youth centre is in close relationship and cooperation with the Ministry of labour and social politics, and there are activities on weekly basis, with the Centre for people with disabilities, and Group Home for Kids in Social Risk.
The volunteers will be expected to develop part of their tasks in the city and part of them in the villages, while still living in Kavadarci. The activities will be mostly implemented in working space of the youth club and the schools in Kavadarci; and part of the activities will take place on the organic farm that the receiving organization is working on to teach and promote the organic farming and organic food, for healthier lifestyle, for increasing the self-employability for young people, which it matches with the objective of the project. All equipment and materials will be provided by creACTive. The balance between working in the city and on the organic farm will be agreed together with the volunteer.
The volunteers basically will work to reinforce the youth participation, in the city, by involving and motivating the young people to take active participation, in activities, workshops, or public events. And also, they will be involved to work with other young people with fewer opportunities, to experience to work in social sphere, and to promote educational program, voluntarism, and non-formal education.
Different support the volunteer will receive while implementing the activities; for each workshop the volunteer will have an assistant from creACTive’s team members depending on the knowledge and skills for the specific activity.

In general, each volunteer will be expected to fulfil the following tasks together with the EVS Coordinator and activity assistant:
- Preparing the topic for the activities (workshops) – in the youth centre or in schools;
- Preparing the contents for the activities (games, exercises, language courses) in the youth centre or schools, indoor or outdoor;
- Implementing the activities together with another EVS or local volunteer.

Also, from the volunteer will be expected to:
- Participate on organized training by the receiving organization and the Macedonian National agency;
- Participate on language lessons provided by the receiving organization.

It will be also expected from the volunteer to stay with the young members of the club during their leisure time, to socialize with them and to help them organize leisure time activities during the working hours.

Workshops will be implemented with small groups of students, mostly ranging from 10 to 20 members. With each group activities will be developed twice or three times a week, lasting 45 to 90 minutes. The same or very similar types of activities will be developed in the city and in the village. In the villages, the volunteers will also have the opportunity to organize structured free-time activities for the children. The time necessary for traveling and for specific preparations for the villages will be included in volunteer’s working time.
It is expected that these activities would take up to 70-80% of volunteers’ working time. The rest of the working time will be filled with activities developed with the local members of the organization (in organization’s offices) and activities in the High Schools and activities on the organic farm.

Typical tasks for the volunteers will be:
- Organizing and assisting the organization of various activities for the young members from Kavadarci (workshops, outside events, performances, concerts, volunteer actions, community initiatives, etc.);
- Assisting the work of creACTive’s office in Kavadarci (coordinating the members, planning and developing activities, fund-raising plans, cooperating in creating strategic plans and programs for the week, month or year of the organization etc.)
- Organizing promotional events for the organization and its activities.
- Learning and assisting the project for the organic farm of creACTive;

The volunteers will implement all activities in cooperation with organization’s team members and local volunteers from Kavadarci.

Practical Arrangements
The volunteer will be accommodated in an apartment with other volunteers, hosted in the receiving organization, with whole needed equipment (bathroom, kitchen, Wi-Fi).
The travel concerning the arrival and departure will manage the Sending and Receiving Organization, together with the volunteer. The Sending Organization will provide international insurance for the volunteer and both organizations (RO and SO) will support the volunteer in the visa procedure and all necessary documents and forms.

More information you can find here.

When to apply: the sooner the better!

How to apply:

Please send us your CV and motivation letter to David semera on his email address: evs@inexsda.cz.