Youthworker 2.0: Upgrade your trainers skills!

Are you a leader of volunteer projects or youth trainer? Have you experienced any complicated situations when working with the group of participants? Have you ever been out of energy or felt stressed during the workcamps, youth exchanges or trainings? And would you like to get more experience, so you can manage it better next time?

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If your answers are positive, first training course within the project “Youthworker 2.0” is here just for you.

Main aim of this project is to support quality of youth work by raising competencies of youth workers in our networks.

Objectives of this particular activity are as follows. The participants of this TC will:

- be able to deal with complicated situations, that appear, when working with groups
- reflect their own approach to the various types of complicated situations and have improved self-confidence
- be able to apply methods and tools that help maintaining their motivation and energy during voluntary projects
- understand, what makes their activities of a high-quality level
- have space for sharing experience in international context and create new activities or projects

Target group:

This Training Course is for participants, who:
- speak English on a good level (as the whole TC will be in English)
- have at least 1 experience as a leader or junior trainer in international trainings, youth exchanges, workcamps or similar activities
- are willing to develop their skills and use them for their future projects and carriers
- preferably are in a cooperation with one of the partner organisations (not compulsory)

Where and when does the TC take place:

Start: on 19th September around 16:00
Finish: 26th September after breakfast (the programme will officially finish the day before)

Venue will be in the Czech Republic, exact place will be confirmed (most probably Chata Doubravka) – travel to the venue will be most probably arranged by a bus from Prague for those participants, that will fly to Prague.

How to apply:

Simply by filling in this questionnaire: XXX
We will accept 4 participants per partner organisation


- It is necessary to participate from the beginning of the TC till the end, no late arrivals / early departures.
- There is small 15€ contribution fee from each participant to cover some administrative costs. If you are very interested in participating, but this fee is too high for you, please, let us know and we will sort it out.
- The organizer will arrange the boarding, accommodation, materials, content of the training and also reimburse the travel costs of the participants up to the lump sum amounts in Erasmus + rules (275€ for participants from Serbia, Scotland and Italy; 180€ for participants from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary)

Partner organisations:

Organizer and coordinator of the project: INEX – Association for Voluntary Activities

Egyeszek, Hungary
TransFúzia, Slovakia
Legambiente, Italy
XCHANGE Scotland
Young Researchers of Serbia

Contact person: Lenka Polcerová (project coordinator) –

This project was supported by a grant from the Erasmus + : Youth in Action Programme.