9. října 2019 - 19. října 2019 (11 dnů)

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The camp is organized by the municipality of Soini and by two local associations who are working with the young; local 4H-association and LAG Kuudestaan (local Leader group).


Soini is located in the western part of Finland. Soini is small town, friendly and nice. There is many beautiful lakes and stunning green nature during the summer. The quietness is really something es-pecially for those who arrive from bigger cities. Soini is located about 350 kilometers from Helsinki. The population of Soini is 2,100. The place where you will be staying is very beautiful piece of Finnish countryside. Usually the evenings are leisure time, but we will arrange some activities for volunteers to take part in if they want. The place where participants are staying is located nearby the local town center. There is beautiful likes and nice routes to hiking nearby. During the stay we will organize a trip to visit the local sights, depending on what the participants would like to see. We can go for example hiking and experience the beautiful hiking trails in the wil-derness or get to know neighbor towns which have a lot to see.



Participants will have a chance to get to know various assignment fields. They will fix up the local flea market run by local 4H-association. They will take part of reorganizing the shop and making it more comfortable for customers. There is possibility to use your own creativity while doing it. Participants will also do some improvements to the outside appearance of the municipality area, either to the town centre or then to the area which town is creating for tourists. They will also do different kind of or-ganizing tasks. During their stay participants will take part of organizing autumn event to the local young people who have their automn holidays at the same time, so they will join the international volunteers for the whole duration of the workcamp. There are many kinds of tasks that need to be done before and after the event, for ex-ample planning the program. Working days will be mostly from 9 till 17. All working days include one hour lunch break.


The accommodation take place in a local activity building of the young. Participants have a kitchen and a shower in their use. Women and men both have their own rooms in the building. There are no actual beds available but comfortable mattresses are provided for sleeping. Each volunteer must bring a sleeping bag along. Participants will prepare some of their meals with changing teams. Some of the meals are prepared by camp organizer. During the first days we will discuss about the meals, but you will have a possibility to get to know Finnish flavors!



Meeting point The easiest way is to fly to Helsinki. From Helsinki you can take a train or a bus to Seinäjoki. Train is the fastest and the easiest; you can take a train from airport to Seinäjoki. The train trip will take approximately three hours. We will pick you up from Seinäjoki railway station.

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