Collect Herbs and Make Tea in Bile Karpaty

9. srpna 2021 - 18. srpna 2021 (10 dnů)

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This workcamp will take place in a small Moravian village of Nova Lhota, situated in the Bile Karpaty (White Carpathian Mountains) in cooperation with the municipality and local NGO “INEX-SDA Bile Karpaty”. This branch of INEX is active in sustainable rural development, environmental education and permaculture projects. Nova Lhota, situated in the Moravian-Slovak border, is devoted to environmental activities and environmental education. For two years, herbal tea blends are produced from local herbs in cooperation with INEX-SDA Bile Karpaty. The municipality runs an eco-centre and a natural garden, where they also grow healing herbs for teas. They have been collecting other herbs and fruits for teas with volunteers for more than 10 years. The aim of the workcamp is to involve volunteers in these activities in cooperation with the team of local workers of Nova Lhota and to get to know the local culture and nature.


Nova Lhota. The nearby towns are Velka nad Velickou (10 km distance) and Uherske Hradiste (30 km). The region is famous for its folk traditions and beautiful countryside. Leisure time: You can go on a trip to various sites of interest in the region, such the regional cities of Straznice or Skalice, visiting wine cellars, the Bata canal, or you can go hiking in the local countryside. Nova Lhota. The meeting time will be in the afternoon. Please note that it takes almost 5 hours to get there from Prague by public transport. The exact information will be provided in the infosheet.


We are looking for volunteers who like nature and learning about environment and local traditions.


As making organic herbal tea is an important way of promoting local traditions and products in Nova Lhota, volunteers will be involved in this activity. They will learn to recognize different herbs, and then collect them and make various herbal mixtures. In order to see the whole production process, they will help in the social enterprise in Nova Lhota where the herbal teas are packaged. They will also take care of greenery in the natural garden and the village of Nova Lhota and help with maintenance of public spaces. Volunteers will go on a one day trip to a farm Travicna (Salaš Trávičná). Study part: You will be able to get to know different kinds of local food and products and learn more about local products, organic farming, herding sheep, the history and natural potential of the region. You will have a chance to organize an international evening for the locals to present your national cuisine and culture.


Accommodation will be provided in a tourist hostel in Nova Lhota. Volunteers will sleep in rooms on bunk beds. There is a common room with a kitchen. Toilets and showers are directly in the building. Please bring a sleeping bag. You will prepare your own meals together as a group.



You will spend a lot of time outdoors so you can get into contact with different kinds of plants, herbs, pollen and insects. What to bring: a sleeping bag, working (outdoor) clothes, good mood and willingness to meet others.

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