International Workcamp in Mountain Region Krusnohori

6. července 2021 - 19. července 2021 (14 dnů)

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English, Czech, German
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Kód projektu: SDA 102
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English, Czech, German
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This workcamp is organized by NGO Anitkomplex in cooperation with NGO Prisecnice zije - Preßnitz lebt, NGO Naturherberge Hammerwerk and NGO Nadrazi Kovarska. Antikomplex seeks to prevent resurfacing historical traumas, which can be a source of populist manipulation that abuses historical traumas and baptisms to achieve political goals. In their activities, they focus mainly on the coexistence of Czech and German culture in the Czech lands and on critical knowledge and reflection on this coexistence. The aim of the workcamp is to support local actors in their environmental sustainable activities in the region and thus to strengthen democratic structures and active citizenship on the periphery (with the active participation of workcamp participants). The workcamp will take place in the Ore Mountains region at Czech-German borders in different locations of all three hosting NGOs. In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG11) and Partnership for the Goals (UN SDG17).


The workcamp will take place in three places, in the localities of Vysluni, Schmalzgrube and Kovarska, where the participants will gradually move (on foot, by bike). All the villages are located on the ridge of the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory, Erzgebirge) at an altitude of about 800 m above sea level. The area is a Czech-German periphery from which many people move to larger cities and it is largely used for recreation. The population that lives permanently there belongs more to the older generation (with lower education), but recently, for example, young families with children have been moving there. In recent decades, however, the trend of emigration has prevailed on both sides of the border. Leisure time: Sightseeing in the region, hiking in the Ore Mountains, swimming, an excursion to a nearby tourist attractions (museum of the Air Battle 1944), a steam train ride, a guided walk to explore the region and its traditions.



The work will take place in different villages in the Ore Mountains region. Work will include activities, such as whitewashing walls, painting and cutting boards, landscaping, cleaning the garden or adjacent areas, creating texts for the association, preparation of cultural meeting for the public. The work will usually take place near the place of accommodation or within walking distance. The transfer between the individual host organizations is included in the workcamp schedule and it is possible to walk or cycle to the next location (approx. 12 km away). You can come to the workcamp on your own (mountain) bike, or use bicycle transport in combination with a train or bus connection (trains operate only on weekends and public holidays). We will provide several mountain bikes for the needs of the workcamp. We recommend participants to take older clothes to work and be equipped for colder, mountain weather, including sturdy shoes and raincoats. Study part: You can participate in an upcycling workshop, an expert lecture on local and regional history, a meeting with the community for a barbecue, etc. In case of interest, we welcome the initiative of volunteers to organize an international evening or a cultural festival for the public, for which we will provide them with support and facilities. Participants are welcome to bring their recipes or food to share.


Accommodation will be in 3 different locations in brick buildings, you need your own sleeping bag and a mat. There will be separate showers and toilets, a shared kitchen and a meeting room. It is also possible to camp in all places, if the participants would prefer this accommodation option and are more comfortable on their own. You can bring your own tent or let us know and we will organise one for you (no need to travel with the tent the whole way). You will cook all the meals together as a group. The nearest restaurant is approx. 2 km away. Accomodation location dates are: Prisecnice zije - Preßnitz lebt (Vysluni 198, Czech Republic)- 6.-10.7.2021; Cottage Krusnohorka (Kovarska, Czech Republic)- 10.-14.7.2021; Naturherberge Hammerwerk e. V. (Johstadt, Germany)- 14.-19.7.2021.



The workcamp is especially suitable for participants who are interested in Czech-German topics or want to practice the language of their neighbours (Czech, German). We welcome the proactive approach of the participants and the sharing of their own skills or interests (like playing a musical instrument, sharing their talents). We can have a good time even without an excess of alcohol and drug use, and we expect a similar approach from the participants.

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