Farmstudio- Art, History and Nature

25. července 2021 - 2. srpna 2021 (9 dnů)

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The workcamp is organized in cooperation with a NGO Farmstudio, which is an association that creates space for contemporary art and participates in saving and restoring cultural heritage. Farmstudio is located in a protected ladnscape area Kokorinsko, in a village Vysoka, and it resides in unique premises of a former farmhouse from the beginning of the 19th century. It provides facilities In addition to organizing its own exhibition program and events, it offers its premises to other cultural entities for creative residencies, workshops, festivals, concerts, theatre and other activities (photography, painting, spatial creation, performance, site-specific, occupational therapy, alternative lifestyle, etc.). The complex is undergoing a gradual reconstruction of the building of cultural and historical significance without subsidies or other support from public sources, which is why there is always needed volunteer work and the aim of this workcamp. In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG11).


Vysoka is located 8 km from Melnik, on the edge of the protected landscape area Kokorinsko. The village has a shop, two churches and a pastry shop with a gallery. Leisure time: Swimming in a nearby natural lake, having a campfire. If interested trips to the protected landscape area Kokorinsko; a tour of the historic center of Melnik, including an underground tour; a guided tour of the chateau and historical mill in Libechov; a visit to the First Republic swimming pool in Mseno combined with a tourist trip; overnight stay in the wild (own sleeping bag required). Meeting point: Vysoka. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon. Please note that it takes around 1 hour to get there from Prague. The exact information will be provided in the infosheet.


Workcamp is for those who are interested in cultural heritage, nature and manual work. The workcamp is not suitable for people with allergies to dust or cats (they are present on the property). 17 years old volunteers need parental authorisation.


Work will be diverse and manual, you will be able to choose according to your interest and physical abilities. The tasks include preservation and preservation of historically valuable wooden beams, landscaping (digging, soil distribution) for outdoor art installations, restoration of windows and doors, moving and repairing material, construction of stone beds, grinding, painting, cleaning of attic space etc. For those interested, there is a possibility of more professional classical construction work (masonry, plastering). Please bring clothes that can get dirty and/or damaged, a cap and sturdy shoes. Study part: Farmstudio presentation, its history, development, vision; photography workshops; wood and metal restoration workshop, a lecture on contemporary art and a guided walk in protected landscape area Kokorinsko.


In Farmstudio- sleeping in 2 bedrooms with beds and sheets. There is a common room, three toilets, a shower and a kitchen. You will cook all your meals together as a group.



Food will be vegetarian, but meat can be prepared individually. Please bring a sleeping bag in case of an overnight trip. See photos of the last workcamp here:

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