Organic Farming in the Social Centre Tabor

2. července 2021 - 17. července 2021 (16 dnů)

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The workcamp is held in the little village Nova Ves nad Popelkou in Eastern Bohemia in collaboration with the local Social Therapeutic Centre Tabor. The mission of the centre is to integrate people with various disabilities into the society, by means of living in a community and working in biodynamic agriculture and craft workshops. They are inspired by Camphill communities. Besides, the centre supports a community life in the village by maintaining folk traditions and customs. The centre is also a training space for educational programs focused on Waldorf pedagogy; various educational events for schools and public take place here. The aim of the workcamp is to help with different construction, renovation and agricultural tasks. In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Responsible Production and Consumption (UN SDG12).


Nova Ves nad Popelkou (650 inhabitants) – Social Therapeutic Centre Tabor. It is located on the edge of Nature Protected area Bohemian Paradise. A nearby town of Lomnice nad Popelkou is about 4km far away. The historical town of Jicin is 20km away. Leisure time: It will be up to you – there are many options: e.g. trips around - both on foot and by train (Tabor observation tower, ruins of Kumburk and Bradlec, Bohemian Paradise rock town - all-day trip), swimming, playing games, having a campfire, visiting local beekeeper and other craftsmen (wooden toys and musical instruments, home-made cosmetics). Nova Ves nad Popelkou. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon. Please note it takes at least 2-3 hours to get there from Prague. The exact info will be provided in the infosheet.


The workcamp is especially suitable for those who are interested in ecological agriculture and crafts. The premises of the Centre Tabor (both house and garden) are non-smoking, we also do not drink alcohol here. Three people are permanently living in the house. Information for allergic persons: you can meet cats, pollen and hay.


The work in agriculture is done outdoors and is physically demanding for beginners but is beautiful, makes you stronger and healthier. Some jobs will be also less demanding. The tasks will include: cleansing of a bio potato field (weeding, removing potato beetles); making hay; cutting wood from the forest, collecting herbs in meadows; painting and building fences in the garden, removing muck from stables; repairing fences and shelters for animals. It is necessary to bring sun protection (light clothing, a hat) as well as waterproof, fully enclosed shoes and a raincoat. Study part: Workshops on biodynamic agriculture and crafts (working with wool and wood, baking bread and traditional Czech cakes, production of homemade jams); excursion to a geologist – workshop on the processing of gems. It will be also possible to organize an international afternoon for local children and an evening with Czech folk music and dancing together with the neighbours. If you play any instrument, bring it with you!


In a historical wooden cottage in several rooms with beds (bed linen provided). There are 3 bathrooms, washing machine, kitchen with an oven, common room, outdoor fireplace. You will have an opportunity to cook for yourselves or you can only help with the cooking. Food comes from our own farm (bio) or other local farms. Meals are always cooked for everyone in the house, mainly vegetarian.



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