Teens at Hauenstejn Castle

8. srpna 2021 - 21. srpna 2021 (14 dnů)

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Kód projektu: SDA 206
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The workcamp is organized in cooperation with organization Opri se at Hauenstejn Castle. The castle was founded in 13th century. After World War II, the whole castle slowly fell into ruins. The castle has been under reconstruction since 2000 thanks to the NGO who owns the castle, Opri se and other volunteers. Thanks to volunteers the castle can be open to public all year round. The aim of this workcamp is help with reconstruction of the castle and everyday tasks and maintenance. Volunteers will also get to know about history of the castle and its nearby surroundings. This is the 4th teenage workcamp organized at the castle. In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG11) and Reduced Inequalities (UN SDG10).


Location: Hrad Hauenstejn, a 13th century castle. It is situated in settlement of Horni Hrad, not far from Straz nad Ohri in The Ore Mountains, Karlovy Vary region. Leisure time: Trip to Karlovy Vary and nearby castles (e.g. Loket, Becov nad Teplou), hiking trips in the surrounding of the castle, rock climbing etc. Playing sports and games in the area of the castle, playing board games, making a campfire and getting to know each other. Meeting point: Karlovy Vary. It takes approximately 2 hours to get there from Prague. In Karlovy Vary, there will be a minibus which takes volunteers to the castle. More info will be in the infosheet.


This workcamp is suitable for participants who enjoy nature, outdoor activities, history and being off-line. Parental authorization and medical form are required. The forms will be provided after the acceptance to the workcamp. No alcohol or smoking at the workcamp is allowed.


The main aim of the workcamp is to help to revive the castle and to enable youth from foster care institutions, who will be your fellow volunteers, to meet people from different parts of the world, to practice English and to break stereotypes. Your tasks will be mainly manual and carried out outdoor. You will be engaged in cutting and preparing wood for winter, cleaning the castle and its surroundings (e.g. the arboretum), basic landscaping and renovations (digging, preparing paths etc.), painting, everyday tasks at the castle (helping at the refreshment stall, tidying guest rooms, washing windows etc.) and other tasks related to the general maintenance and reconstruction of the castle. Study part: Guided tour of the castle and learning about its complicated history; lectures on various environmental topics; meeting people from different countries and cultures; discovering local countryside.


Volunteers will be accommodated in the castle hostel, you will sleep on beds. You need to bring your own sleeping bag. There are toilets and showers (indoor and outdoor) available. Lunch and dinner will be prepared by the castle cook, breakfast and snacks will be prepared by the local partner. Volunteers will have an opportunity to prepare national dishes. Bring your favourite recipes!



See photos from the previous workcamp: https://www.inexsda.cz/media/teens-at-hauenstejn-castle-2020/ . The group will consist of 10 international volunteers, 3 Czech campleaders and about 10 Czech volunteers from Opri se organization, aged 13 – 18 years old (youth from foster care institutions) and their team leaders. Czech and international volunteers will spend time together during work and free-time activities. Allergies notice: volunteers will work a lot outside (allergies to hay, pollen etc.), there are cats and peacocks in the castle. Participation fee: There is a participation fee of 4 300 CZK. The fee covers registration fee, the main leader’s salary, free-time and educational activities, and travels within the project. We require the volunteers to send it to us directly by a bank transfer before the workcamp starts. Bank details and deadline for payment will be provided in the acceptance email.

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