Nature and Community Life in Jilemnice

4. srpna 2021 - 13. srpna 2021 (10 dnů)

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The workcamp will take place in Jilemnice in cooperation with a scout centre and with an initiative MNOHO SVETU. MNOHO SVETU (MANY WORLDS) is a community of people in Jilemnice that is primarily linked by the interest in human rights. They have been organizing a film festival, charity fundraisers and discussions in Jilemnice (and its surroundings) for seven years. They help with charity projects or organize them ourselves. The aim of the workcamp is to acquaint volunteers with Jilemnice and vice versa, to show them the importance of promoting human rights and democracy through a community of active citizens and to learn how to build a community in their countries. It also aims to show the volunteers and the locals the importance of nature conservation. In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG11) and Life on Land (UN SDG15).


The workcamp will take place in Jilemnice, which is a small town in the Liberec Region, in the north of the Czech Republic. It has around 5400 inhabitants. The roots of the town go back to the 14th century with many historical monuments preserved in the centre of the town. Jilemnice is called the gateway to the Krkonose Mountains and it is surrounded by picturesque nature. Leisure time: Jilemnice has many possibilities for entertainment whether going on trips to nearby ponds or campfire evenings in the woods. Movie nights at the cinema can be arranged. There are many sports opportunities- there is a swimming pool, sports hall and outdoor pitch in Jilemnice. Also international evenings will be organized- please bring your favorite recipes (or special ingredients if needed) to share with other volunteers and locals. Meeting point: Jilemnice. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon. Please note that it takes over 2 hours to get there from Prague - Cerny Most bus station. The exact information will be provided in the infosheet.


The workcamp is suitable for all who are interested in environmental and social problems. Please bring some old clothes that can get dirty or damaged and sturdy shoes.


The work will be diverse and it will take place both in Jilemnice and in the nearby national park. In Krkonose National Park the main task will be the maintenance of forests and meadows (mowing meadows, cleaning forests etc.). Volunteers will also help a pilgrim place in Jilemnice. Volunteers will have the opportunity to co-organize the screening of a human rights document. Most of the work will be outdoors, so we recommend volunteers to bring suitable clothes, shoes and a raincoat. Study part: An excursion will be organized to see the production of glass beads at a company Rautis, which is newly enlisted in UNESCO list of cultural heritage. There will be screening of a human rights movie, a visit to the museum of skiing history and to the biathlon area. There will also be a workshop on bird watching, catching and ringing.


You will stay in the building of the local high school. You will sleep in classrooms. Please bring you own sleeping bags and mats! There are plenty of showers and toilets at the school. We will make a kitchen from a separate room and we will also equip it (cookers, utensils, electric kettle,...). You will prepare your meals together as a group. As part of reducing the ecological impact of the workcamp, we will prepare mostly meatless meals. There is a free playground next to the school.



You will spend a lot of time outdoors so you can get into contact with different kinds of plants, herbs, pollen, and insects.

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