Get Involved in Odolena Voda

3. července 2021 - 16. července 2021 (14 dnů)

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The workcamp takes place in a small town of Odolena Voda in cooperation with the local municipality. The town hall aims at creating good conditions for living, working, spending free time and enjoying the environment for its inhabitants. The main focus is on landscape regeneration and leisure time activities, such as social and cultural events or sports facilities. The aim of the workcamp is to help with renovation of the public space in the town, to create new play structures for children and maintain local green areas. This year, the workcamp will be organized for the 5th time. In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG11).


A small town of Odolena Voda (population of 6,000 inhabitants), located approximately a half an hour drive from the outskirts of Prague. Leisure time: You can visit the local baroque church, fortress and museum; go on a hiking trip to close-by volcanoes, a trip to Prague, to the Veltrusy castle or a cycling trip to the town of Melnik. There is a possibility to use the community sports facilities for playing football, basketball, volleyball and beach volleyball and tennis. A BBQ party with locals will be organized during the workcamp. There is also a natural swimming pool in Odolena Voda. Please bring a swimming suit. Meeting point: Odolena Voda. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon. Please note it takes around 30 min to get there from Prague (there are many buses going every day). The exact info will be provided in the infosheet.


This workcamp needs volunteers who aren’t afraid of physically demanding work and who enjoy working outdoor in all kinds of weather (it can get quite hot in summer). You can learn to work with different tools under supervision. Some work tasks will involve minor construction so you can use your skills or learn new ones.


The work will be manual and mostly outdoors, so get ready to use your muscles. You will work in the local green areas to make the places available and attractive for locals by creating paths (e.g. by cutting grass or branches), by marking paths and collecting garbage. A lot of work will be done outside in all kinds of weather, please bring solid shoes. Study part: Meeting with the local community (e.g. local firemen), a lecture on the cultural monuments of the city and their history, a concert, a visit to the capital city of Prague, a visit to cultural and natural monuments in the area.


In the local primary school. A kitchen, a bathroom and the gym will be available. You will sleep on gym mats in classrooms or the gym. Please, bring your own sleeping bag and a light mat! You will cook your own meals as a group.



See photos from the previous workcamp:

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