English Summer Camps for Kids

14. srpna 2021 - 27. srpna 2021 (14 dnů)

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The workcamp is organized by the NGO Parents and Children of Kadan (RADKA) which provides a variety of services for families with children (maternal, swimming, volunteer, social and educational centres, more info at: www.radka.kadan.cz). During summer holidays RADKA organizes suburban and outdoor camps for children of different ages. There will be 2 such camps during the workcamp –the outdoor one in the 1st week near a small village of Jesenice u Rakovnika and the urban one in the 2nd week in Kadan. RADKA wants to bring international dimension to the camps and enable children to practice English. That‘s why international volunteers are invited for 7th time. The aim of the workcamp is to help with the preparation and running of an interesting intercultural program in both camps. In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Reduced Inequalities (UN SDG10).


First, the historical town of Kadan (20,000 inhabitants), in Northwest Bohemia, not far from the Ore Mountains; then the campsite near the village of Jesenice u Rakovnika (https://rekreacesosen.cz). There is a beautiful countryside around Kadan and Jesenice u Rakovnika. Leisure time: During your stay in Kadan, you will have many possibilities to spend your free time: visiting the town of Kadan and its monuments, visiting cultural events, trips to the countryside, swimming, doing sports. During the outdoor camp, you will have 1 day off when you can organize an excursion to Karlovy Vary or Loket Castle. Apart from that you will be able to spend your free time at the campsite and in the surrounding (relaxing, swimming, walks, visit of nearby sights). Meeting point: Kadan. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon. Please note it takes 2-3 hours to get there from Prague. The exact info will be provided in the infosheet.


During the workcamp, you will spend a lot of time with children aged 9-16. This is why we require a short motivation letter, a certificate of good conduct and a medical form. We look for communicative and creative volunteers. Please note that children have different levels of English, so you will have to use non-verbal communication too. The workcamp is suitable for non-smokers. Smoking is not allowed on the premises. No alcohol allowed near children. Please note you will also work during weekends but you will get some days off during the week instead.


Work: During the outdoor camp (1st week) you will help with the all-day program managed by RADKA’s organizers. The program will include trips, swimming, sports competitions, campfire, night games, etc. You will get involved in the sports games and other activities (including daily routine tasks such as cleaning, etc.). During the 2nd week, you will work at the suburban camp in the premises of RADKA. Children stay at the camp from 8am to 4pm but they sleep at home. You will mainly work with children (preparing games, arts, dancing activities and interactive English lessons). In both camps, you will be asked to present your countries and to prepare playful English lessons for kids. Please bring your favourite games, music and other ideas and most of all - lots of energy. Study part: During the 1st week there will also be a youth exchange with Slovak and Polish participants on the theme of Presentation skills. You can join selected workshops and lessons focused on verbal, vocal and movement coaching. You will learn to prepare a program for children and see an example of how children camps are organized in the Czech Republic. You will meet the local community from Kadan, especially during the final international party for children and their parents. You will have an opportunity to present your home towns/countries in an interactive way. On regular basis, you will meet ESC and FSJ international volunteers hosted by RADKA.


1st week: in a campsite in wooden cottages for up to 4 people, please bring a sleeping bag. Brick toilets and showers in operating buildings, non-stop cold water, hot water boiler, electricity - yes, no internet. Prepare yourself for a real outdoor adventure! Bring a sleeping bag and some warm clothes! You will be provided full board by the camp cooks (vegetarian meals are possible). 2nd week: in RADKA’s local youth club: 2 rooms with sleeper sofas, a kitchen and a bathroom. There is also wi-fi. You will cook together as a group. Lunch can also be provided in a local restaurant.



See photos from the previous workcamp: https://www.inexsda.cz/media/english-summer-camps-for-kids-2020/

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