Veseli Castle

9. srpna 2020 - 23. srpna 2020 (15 dnů)

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Kód projektu: SDA H04ESC
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The ESC project is for people between 18-30 years old. It takes place in the village of Veseli nad Uhlavou in Western Bohemia in cooperation with the local association Tvrz Veseli. This association was founded with the aim of restoring the ruin of a castle in Veseli nad Uhlavou, to make it open for the public and for cultural and educational purposes. Its activities involve saving the castle and fundraising to renovate the castle. The castle has a complicated past and now is in a very bad state. This project will focus on removing rubble from the part of the castle which is being renovated and on maintenance of the park. In this project, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG11).


GPS coordinates: 49.3340149 - 13.0339296. Address: Pocinovice 71, 345 06. Veseli nad Uhlavou - a small village (about 58 inhabitants), a part of the Janovice nad Uhlavou municipality. The village of Pocinovice (around 548 inhabitants). Both are located at the foothills of Sumava National Park, close to Klatovy. From the place of accommodation (Pocinovice) to the workplace (Veseli) you will go every morning by train (20 min), related travel costs are covered. The train station is near the castle. In Pocinovice, there is a bakery, pub, library, some small shops and sports grounds. Pocinovice. Meeting point: Pocinovice. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon. Please note that it takes at least 3-4 hours to get there from Prague. The exact info will be provided in the infosheet. Leisure time: Trip to Chodsko region and participation in a local festival in Domazlice. volleyball match with local players, trip to a pilgrimage place of Dobra Voda (5km by forest road), trips to historical cities Klatovy a Plzeň, swimming, making a campfire with locals, excursion to the local brewery, organizing a fun afternoon for local children etc.


The project is suitable for history lovers and people interested in living in the countryside. Due to living in a house with a host you will have a unique opportunity to experience local culture and customs, at the same time we ask you for respectful behavior.


Work: The work will be manual and it will be done at the castle and in the castle park. The tasks in the castle will include: separating construction material from the ruins (tiles, beams, boards etc.) which can be reused and removing rubble. The work can be physically demanding, but everyone will contribute only as much as they can. In the park, you will rake and collect grass, remove invasive plants and bushes. You will get protective gloves and appropriate tools from the local host. Bring working clothes which can get dirty, solid shoes and waterproof jacket or raincoat (in case of bad weather). Be prepared for all kinds of weather. Study part: Presentation of the castle and its troubled history, excursion to Klatovy underground, getting to know history of the region, meeting locals during a music evening at the castle etc.


You will be hosted in the house of the local association’s member in the village of Pocinovice (about 6 km from the workplace). Sleeping on mattresses in your own sleeping bags. There are two big rooms, WC, a bathroom and a kitchen. If you need more privacy, you can sleep in a tent in the garden. Lunch will be provided at the workplace every day. You will prepare other meals on your own as a group. A washing machine is available.



This project is supported by the EU program European Solidarity Corps and it is for people between 18-30 years old. Some of the conditions differ from the usual workcamps; there will be detailed info provided after your acceptance. For more info about ESC visit The fee of 2200Kč serves only as a deposit, we will send it back to you within a week after the project. See photos from the previous volunteering activities:

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